How To



Nikon D300 with an 80-200mm f2.8 lens. ISO 1600, 175mm @ f6.3 1/200 sec.

I had the opportunity to get behind the scene at the local race track and get some shots during the morning training session.

This shot was taken using the panning technique in which one follows a moving object along a horizontal plane so the subject appears sharp and the background is blurred. In this example, I moved the camera in a left to right direction to keep the horse and rider in the frame.

Panning requires some practice to get the feel for how fast the subject is moving and what shutter speed will blur the background. Also, as in golf, follow through is key to a higher success rate. It’s important to maintain the horizontal motion as you click the shutter and afterward.

HDR with Enfuse


This is a 5 shot bracketed exposure fused together with Enfuse. A Free Open Source software package for creating natural looking HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. Besides exposure blending Enfuse can do Focus stacks and more, but that’s for another day.


Available for Linux, Mac and Windows as a command line program, vary capable but not much fun to work with. Search Google for EnfuseGUI, an Open Source graphical user interface for Mac & Windows written by Ingemar Bergmark.